Demers luthier workshop

Being a guitar enthusiast since my youth, I quickly developed a desire to improve myself and even to go beyond simply playing. From 1990 to 1993, I followed training in violin fabrication at the “Lutherie Artistique du Noroit (ELAN)” school, where I was formed in Italian as well as German traditional fabrication techniques. I completed my formation in violin fabrication with a series of internships with Frederick Boyer, Jean-Marc Pagès and Jean-Jacques Rampal in the French techniques of making and restoring violins as well as with Michel Fournelle in the repair and adjustment of guitars and basses.

In 1994, referred by one of my teachers, I took over a repair workshop in a local music store. During my stay there, I developed my expertise by working on a large variety of acoustical and electric musical instruments.
Being a musician, artist and above all a designer, in 1998 I left the repair workshop in order to follow private training in the specialized painting of collection automobiles in order to deepen my finish knowledge.
In 1999, with this great background, I created “Demers guitars” and since then, I have devoted myself exclusively to the creation of my collection of musical instruments.
Having a desire to achieve perfection, I give great importance to the accuracy, acoustics and comfort of my guitars, as well as to their finish. Each of my guitars constitutes a single project and in order to offer the best quality of acoustics possible, each step of the fabrication as well as the selection of the components is done meticulously, with great care and attention. The outcome is a musical instrument of rich and exceptional sound, elegant and versatile.

In 2006, I exposed my creations for the first time at the Montreal Guitar Show. It gave me the opportunity to meet many influential persons which have since had a direct impact on my work and have stimulated me to excel. As a proud representative of Quebec’s luthiers, I participated in the following Montreal Guitar Show. Then, in 2008 presented my creations to the world music industry during the NAMM show in California and many other exhibitions throughout the following years.
Since 2015, I have the chance and the privilege to teach acoustic guitar making at Bruand Lutherie School to a future generations of luthiers. This new part of my life enriches me to the highest point. From transfer of knowledge to mentoring, rubbings shoulders with this passionate and motivate youth is a huge stimulation.

I limit myself to fabricate ten guitars per year, which are all highly prized by a demanding clientele of connoisseurs. I am more than ever concentrated on excelling as a string instrument artisan in order to offer the best product possible.

jeff demers luthier workshop

When you blend high tech performance with traditional craftsmanship you get a future of a thousand possibilities. Demers guitars are an evolution of the mythic instruments that have forged the world of Rock n’ Roll music. To a hard or gentle touch, they respond with a unique tone and surprising handling. There is nothing like the confidence of being one with your instrument. All my guitars delivers on that feeling. Obsessed with my art, I’m committed to pushing the evolutionary envelope of guitar making while respecting its tradition.

Each guitar is handcrafted from first quality tone wood, with a minimum of five years of air drying. They are available with a wide range of options to create that special dream guitar you have always wanted. Whatever you choose it will be your own custom, and unlike any other.


As an artisan luthier, my priority is that the woods I use come from forests that meet rigorous standards for the protection of forests, communities and wildlife.

My commitment to being attuned to my era, and the open-mindedness that goes with it, drives and inspires me to work with local woods.


The finishing of my instruments is the final and the most crucial in the stages of production, and by far my favourite step in the process.
I work with great precision and meticulousness to achieve the right thickness of varnish, enough to protect the instrument and to enhance the grain of the wood, but without attenuating its acoustic qualities.


Each guitar I make is a personalized instrument: one of a kind.
I am obsessed with the tone, playability and aesthetics of my instruments.
I commit during my builds to invest all my skills to serve the creativity of musicians and to satisfy their desire to own a collector’s item; this is why my guitars are designed for the musician who wants the best, without compromise.


While the cultural aspects of sustainability have been taken into account in many ethnographic and organological studies, the ecological implications require special attention.
In the face of the depletion of resources through excessive use, the destruction of habitat, and climate change, instrument makers and owners are increasingly sensitive to the cultural and ecological implications of their activities. This leads to a change in values ​​and practices, in which sustainability is the watchword.
This is why, through my work, I support responsible management of the world’s forests, and respect for natural resources, and have done so since the beginning of my practice.