RESTORATIONS,REPAIRS AND TRAINING.                                  

I offer a repair service, specialized adjustment for guitar and bass, restoration for violin, viola,cello and upright bass and restoration for vintage instruments for collectors

For the comfort of playing, a guitar must be well set. Given to our harsh climate, it's highly recommended by all manifacturers to make a complete adjustment to your instrument at least twice a year.It's advisable to have a controlled environment about 71 degrees and 45% humidity to avoid deformation or fracture of the instrument.


Training: (contact for infos and prices)

Training for working techs and music store professionals: Basic 1day, Advanced 5 days

Training: repairs and restorations: 1 week, advanced 2 weeks

Finishing techniques: 1 week, advanced 2 weeks


Complete adjustment included: (verification and adjustment)

Troubleshooting before setup

Neck evaluation/trussrod

fret dressing

Height of nut

Height of saddle bridge

String actions


neck set

Fretboard lubrification

Sound bar (classical and acoustic guitar)

Mechanics of the keys



Acoustic and piezo pickups


Saddles adjustment

Pickup height

Tremolo adjusment