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          Acoustique Jazz Archtop 16'' 
          Jezebel V 
          Acoustique Scarecrow Slide 



 - Jef Demers builds fine master luthier quality guitars using only the best known woods and overall cratsmanship. Jef also offers a wide range of Flattops, archtops and electric hollow body guitars that only offer the best in tone and construction.

Kind regards, Nicolai Schneekloth -


- The Revolver Pop-Art looks, are just like it stepped out of a Robert Rauschenberg or a Roy Lichtenstein painting...Stunning stuff from Montreal!!

Regards, Ricigo


- I'd heard of Demers guitars before but I stumbled upon this very fine looking guitar and was intrigued. At first I was drawn in by the Bigsby trem and the P90 pickups but there is far more to this guitar like the AAAA Flame top on a Swamp Ash body,South American Mahogany neck with Ebony fretboard and laminated Carbon Fibre headstock with Sperzel trim lock tuners. They also make a very nice guitar called the Voodoo wich has similar mix of retro modern styling with top quality materials!!

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- Jef Demers is one of the new generation of archtop luthiers who will continue this important craft into the future.


- Canadian guitar makers are some of the world's top luthiers, and Jef and Melanie Demers of Montreal are adding to the mix. Every guitar they make is one of a kind, with a combination of crafted tone and unusual wood!

The Canadian Design Ressource

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